Homeschooling- where do you start???

Martin and I have decided to home school our children. Well, let’s back up a minute. We have taken a step of obedience and are researching curriculum types and such. I know that God doesn’t ask us to anything, that He hasn’t already made provision for, but let me tell you, I am nervous about this one! I have been looking forward ,with great anticipation, to all of my children being in school, and me having some “free”time( if there truly is such an animal). I was awake most of one night, “discussing” this whole subject with God and coming to grips with all this would require of me. Mainly – more patience and understanding than I have had to offer lately. I know that God will give us definite direction and am willing to stay close to the Shepherd, understanding that He knows best:) 

I do wonder, however, on the days like today, when I have 5 sick children, am sick myself, and Martin is at work in Chattanooga until tomorrow sometime, “how on earth am I going to make this work?” the answer is always the same “You won’t, but the only One that is capable , will show Himself strong in your weakness.”

 Thankful to be a sheep in His flock,reminding myself to keep my eyes on Him.

Join us in our journey along the route to homeschooling.I will “discuss”all the different curricula and resources as we find them, and would love any insight you can offer:)


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  1. sherry
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 17:48:57

    You guys rock! and you know God has your back always!


  2. sheepbydesign
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 17:56:04

    Thanks Sherry!


  3. joyinsimplicity
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 20:04:25

    You are right, GOD is the one who makes it happen!! When we made the choice to homeschool I was so nervous and not sure it was what I wanted to do. But God walked us right into it and now my VERY favorite thing about homeschooling is when I find something isn’t working for us, then I can….CHANGE!!! HOORAY!! It’s such a total blessing!!
    Chaney gave me the info for your blog. I have one, but haven’t been updating since I got pregnant hardly because I’ve just felt too bad and it’s been the last thing on the priority list. If you are at West Metro any time soon, feel free to look me up and I can walk you through the curriculums we’ve used, and what we have liked, hated and liked fine, but haven’t worked for us!! Homeschooling has definitely made me even more appreciative of my children each and every day and I treasure every minute!! It was a big adjustment, but it was SOOO worth it!!


    • sheepbydesign
      Nov 01, 2010 @ 20:24:45

      Rachel, I would love to pick your brain. I was a homeschooled child,and I loved every minute of it.
      I find it is overwhelming trying to decide which curriculum will be best for us. I am leaning towards Memoria Press and Math U see. I really like A Beka too though… SIGH…. so many great ( appearing) publishers and curricula to choose from. We are planning to attend the big Homeschool expo in Atlanta this summer, but I really want to have the choices narrowed down before then.
      I am sure there are homeschool groups in this area, right??? I would also like to get hooked up with them for support purposes:)


      • joyinsimplicity
        Nov 01, 2010 @ 23:38:09

        yes we just joined an AWESOME group out of Douglasville (Wisdom’s Way) . They only open once a year I think to new members, I’ll be sure to let you know!! But they have a Mom’s night out each month that is open to non-members and this month’s happen to be on what people have found works for them, etc…you should come!! I’ll get the details and such to you!!
        We LOOOOVEEEEE MathUSee!! LOVE IT!!
        I’ve not used Memoria, although I’ve read about it. We love Story of the World for history (it works for teaching multiple ages at once) and Apoligia for Science for the same reasons. You are welcome to look at my stuff!! We are redoing our house right now and everything is in total disarray, but it should be back in order by the end of this week. You should come with Chaney Thursday night for the jewelry party and I can show you some of our stuff then and then we can get a time to get together!! We went to the Chattanooga EXPO last summer because it was only $5 to get in versus I think $75 for Atlanta….ha ha! I’m cheap!
        We homeschool now in a very classical method. Which we just love. Totally shifted to that after a traditional approach at first. It works for us, but I in no way preach it’s the only way. Everyone has to find their own way. I may have some stuff you can borrow by the way. Anyway…hopefully we can get together soon!!

        Blessings, Rachel

      • sheepbydesign
        Nov 01, 2010 @ 23:50:08

        We are really leaning towards a classical approach as well. That was a big draw with Memoria. A friend from Macon uses them and loves it so far.
        I will see if Martin will be home or if I can possibly get a sitter for Thursday. That sounds like fun:) Thank you so much for the info and the invite.

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