Sheep and why we are called such

I heard a sermon recently that gave some very interesting facts regarding sheep and our likeness to them. First , did you know that sheep are really dumb animals? Secondly, they are directionless. They have zero sense of direction and left unattended, will follow their stomachs( selfish desires) and look up,only to find themselves lost. Thirdly, they are defenseless. They are the only animals on earth that have NOTHING with which to defend themselves. And fourthly, they are dependant. They are totally dependant on the shepherd to show them where to go, keep them safe, and even in many circumstances get them back on their feet when they have gotten stuck . You see if a sheep lays down in even a slight dip in the ground, the wool weighs too much for them to be able to right themselves. HMMM-and God calls us His sheep. Feel encouraged yet? I do, He knew I was gonna mess up, get lost, fall down and need His help to get back up, and need a defender from all the evils out there. He designed me, and He chose me in spite of my sheepish self!

You see, sheep, also always recognize the shepherds voice. I suppose  being a  sheep isn’t all that bad ,at least I know what the Shepherds voice sounds like and know that in my dumbest, darkest moments He is willing to leave the flock and come find me.

Are you spending your days in the presence of the Shepherd? Or are you a goat , who doesn’t even know what the Shepherd sounds like?  Remember we are all~


Psalms 23


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