Today’s Good, Bad and Ugly

Okay, so today started way earlier than I had hoped. 5:45am is way too early to be awake with kids crying:( Got everyone fed, cheese grits, scrambled eggs and toast with homemade apple butter, and made a dash to the grocery store. Came home gave all the sick kids their meds, hot chocolate and then for naps,and it was only 10 am. Naps lasted only an hour and then everyone was up and ill. We made it through lunch, and dinner and baths and now for the GOOD in 26 minutes they will be headed to bed:)  It has been a long day! I have been able to get the laundry done, but not a lot else.

 Looking forward to getting the kids in bed and sitting down to finally, read some of my book by Tedd Tripp- “Shepherding a Child’s Heart”. Kind of appropriate I suppose:)

 Just life as I know it , in my piece of the pasture~


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