Being Thankful

I have decided to focus on the good and be thankful for all that we have been blessed with. I suppose, I am looking for the silver lining in every cloud. Today, I am ever so grateful for my sweet sick children. On days like today, I remind myself, that I have whiny children, because I have children:) I could have none, and a quiet house, a job, more money etc- I am thankful for all 7 of my wonderful kids:)Even on days that test my patience! I was fighting my way through Kroger this morning with 2 cranky 2yrolds, and was stopped by an elderly lady, who said she wanted to remind me that children are a blessing even when it doesn’t feel like it. LOL- I thought I was dealing with things pretty well externally, but she must have seen the internal struggle I was having. I wanted to snatch them up and give them what for, but had decided that was not the appropriate way to handle the situation. Her sweet words, gave me the ability to see past the behavior, and remind myself, that all of us have rough days, but even in the midst of my rough day ,I am BLESSED far beyond what I deserve!!! Thank You Lord for my sweet children:) Even on a day when they are truly teaching me more patience!!

Okay, on to more of my random, mundane , musings…

 As we enter the Holiday season, I think all to often, we get caught up in the material side of things. What can we afford, How much can we buy, how nice a gift can we give/get…. this mindset causes so much stress and often leads to unnecessary,astronomical debt. I mean , really, wouldn’t our kids be just as happy with half of what they get? What are we teaching them by over doing it? That more is better? That the meaning of Christmas is all about the gifts?  So this year, how can we encourage our families to see past the “STUFF”, and truly enjoy the season for what it is? I want to encourage my kids to do for others, by making -yes making, something specifically for that person. I want them to give of themselves, and invest more than money in the gifts they give. If it truly is the thought that counts, how much thought do we put into the gifts we buy? Teachers, co-workers, bus drivers, etc are we just trying to check another person off of our list? or are we giving them a gift chosen especially for them?  How will you make the most of this season, enjoying every minute of it, and keeping the true meaning of the season alive?

Would love to hear your ideas.

May His grace guide your steps and His mercy catch you and set you on your feet when you stumble.


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