Along the road to homeschooling

Well, I have been in prayer and doing my research and really feel like I may have come to a few conclusions. I know we will use Math U See, as I think it will be easiest for me to teach( and I may learn a thing or two along the way) since it is a true step by step, principle upon principle approach. I am leaning towards Memoria Press for the rest. I have been impressed with everything I have read about the classical approach to education. Teaching your kids how to learn and reason for themselves from an early age through memorization and rhetoric makes sense to me. I know everyone has different views on the “styles” or approaches to education, but this one seems to be best suited for us. I am excited, and really think I will learn as much as the kids do. It is a bit intimidating to think about, but there is also an excitement about all that God has in store for us.

We went to look at a house yesterday, and have a couple more to look at in the next week. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek God’s perfect place for our family. I have a real desire to have a place to have a nice size garden and lots of room for my kids to run and just be kids. The house we saw yesterday had an awesome yard( fenced !!!!) and the house was nice as well. Seems like a great deal, but we feel like we should at least go see these other houses while we pray for guidance.

 We are making some BIG changes all in a short time frame, but in the end I know God has great things in store !!!!

 Enjoying the journey!


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