What a day!

Today was Joshua’s 5th birthday! I can not believe he is getting so big . He started talking very early in life and has always had an unbelievable vocabulary, so in a lot of ways he has always seemed older than he really is, but it is still hard to believe that my babies are not babies anymore. No, I do not miss a lot of things about the “baby” stage, I just don’t want them to grow up too quick . I  want to preserve that innocence, and uninhibited joy they have as children. I have enjoyed each stage of development, with each of my children, and know that we have a lot of new things that lie a head. I just pray that God grants us the wisdom to raise them in a way that directs them to Him. If I raise kids that behave well on the outside, but inwardly, their hearts are not turned to God, I have failed a long the way. I could go on and on about the kids and my desire to raise them “right”, but God knows exactly what He has for each of them and I am at peace leaving it in His hands.

Oh the joys of motherhood!

Some are true joys, like taking my sweet son to pick out his cake fixings to take to school to make with his class. Crazy , but the school asks that you bring a cake mix, icing, etc and they will make the cupcakes with the kids. How easy is that for me! Joshua was so excited about it, and told every person we saw that it was his birthday:) Just seeing his excitement , warmed my soul.

AND THEN there are those “joys” that we could live without, like having your child throw up all over you and themselves, at the school, in the hallway, with onlookers being entertained by the other two kids that are loudly gagging and announcing how “YUCKY” it all is. Yep, got to experience that joy today…. Poor Luke has always gotten a horrible, asthma type cough when the weather changes, and today it got the best of him ( and me). So I am learning  to make sure my kids know , that in the good times and the not quite so good times, whether happy or sad, healthy or sick they  truly truly are  a joy. It is all too easy to get upset about the circumstances, and react to it, and in the process leave our kids feeling like we don’t enjoy them or that somehow we love them less. I have to remind myself to make relationship more important than stuff. In the busy-ness of life,and the daily grind,I can get so wrapped up in the “stuff” that I forget to re assure the person, and let them know just how special they are to me.

So today I am thankful for my sweet 5 yr old, and God’s grace showing how to love my kids in a way that points them to Him.


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