A pot of coffee and a pan of pumpkinspice cake later…..

So much for an added hour to my sleep. I stayed up later than usual, to finish the pumpkins I was roasting and pureeing, and my children were up and down a good bit of the night for various reasons, and then were up at 5am. I was really not ready for the day to start, but decided to try to make the most of a way too early, way too cold morning with a whole bunch of way too ill children. I got the kids their “coffee” (chocolate milk), got the real coffee brewing and made a pumpkin spice cake. Don’t be too impressed- it was a 2 ingredient recipe. Mix the cake mix and the pumpkin and bake- and watch it disappear:) I have started the second pot of coffee(and Martin hasn’t even gotten up yet) and am feeling almost ready for the day.

I must admitt that my patience has worn thin,and I would love a mommy vacation. Since that is a highly unlikely event, I will simply pray that God gives me a large measure of patience and mercy and energy to keep up. I think I take on projects like making pumpkin puree to freeze or can, and apple butter and quilting and various other things so that I have an escape from the everyday chaos I call life.

 It is 8:30am, I have had a pot of coffee,cold meds ( for me and all 7 kids) watched the pumpkin cake disappear, and am praying that God has mercy and fills my tank soon. Otherwise, this is going to be a REALLY long day for us all.


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  1. Rachel
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 06:53:01

    hey well, hopefully you are still planning on ‘tomorrow’ (although at this hour it’s really ‘tonight’) night with me. I just emailed chaney asking her for your email since I cancelled my facebook account without remembering to get it..oops!! We’ll be at our Classical Conversations Class tomorrow til about 4pm, but the Mom’s night out starts at 7pm. I probably need to leave my house around 6:15 as I need to get there a few min early. I’ll touch base tomorrow if you want to ride with me, where you are, etc etc…and of course if you are still planning to go!! Hope so, I’d love to spend more time with you. oh and FYI I have one MathUSee manipulative set you are welcome to borrow. I had bought two and we really haven’t needed either so much. My cousin got one from me to borrow a few months ago, but you are welcome to use the other. If I see a need for it pop up, I’ll know where to find it. that’s just if you want it. NO PRESSURE!!


    • sheepbydesign
      Nov 10, 2010 @ 01:56:53

      I am really hating that I couldn’t make it! I would love to borrow your manipulative set atleast to see if we even use them. What grades are your children? Will you have any used curriculum( especially the MathUSee), We are leaning towards Memoria for the rest ( love the classical approach) it seems to come ready to teach- lesson plans and all. It is also not as expensive as some.
      Do you get The Old Schoolhouse magazine? Do you have any info, or opinions on it? It is rather expensive, but seems to offer quite a bit.
      I am full of questons:) Hope you had a great evening, maybe I can make it to the next one.


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