A very unlikely homeschooler

Ask anyone  I have crossed paths with over the last few years, and they will tell the thought of ME being a homeschooling mom, was hilarious and absurd to me. I was absolutely NOT going to do it!  LOL- Don’t Tell God your plans…. Well I suppose He is having a belly roll about now.  I am actually getting excited about it. The more I research, the more excited I get.

We have been leaning towards Memoria press, but someone recommended Rod and Staff, and out of fairness, I researched it as well. I was very impressed and started to compare the two. To my surprise, over half of the books in the Memoria press line up are Rod and Staff. Since it is cheaper( and I get ALL subjects) to order through Rod and Staff I think that is what I will do. I intend to start half days with them mid June, so we can see how we manage, before school starts. That way , if it isn’t working, we can make an easy transition at the beginning of the school year. If it is working for us and we can get into a routine, we will just be a bit ahead. We are still going to add the Memoria Press Latin program and do Math U See, because we feel like there is so much benefit to learning a second language at an early age, and Math U See is a principle based system versus a grade based system.


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  1. joyinsimplicity
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 17:09:29

    This post made me laugh because my original blog name was “The Unlikely Homeschooler” ha ha!!
    but wow…after working out the kinks and seeing the benefits I can’t imagine it any other way. Although I think my Daddy especially still sits back and shakes his head at the hilarity of it!!


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