Metal head

Today, Katie Beth, my oldest, was for some unknown reason, standing in a chair, and fell headfirst into the corner of another chairs seat. Needless to say, that called for a trip to wonderful ER. 5 staples later, she was home as if nothing had happened, and very proud of her battle wound and the new “hard ware” that accompanied it! I know, that having 7 kids, means there are a lot of opportunities for the ERs to earn some money on us. We have been 4 times so far in the 7 years of our parenting journey. Not too bad, I think:)

Why is it, kids are envious of another kids injury? You know, how when you were young you thought it would be sooo cool to have a cast, or stitches or whatever. Luke decided that he needed “snitches” in his little toe that he scraped,and Lauren needed “snitches” in her leg, where there was NO injury at all. sure hope he doesn’t try putting “snitches” or staples in anyone. He has already tried racecar driving( running into a tree- thus ending that dream), and hairdresser ( poor Lauren’s head is testimony to that end) so I am hoping he doesn’t try to be Trauma surgeon or something. Better hide the stapler just in case:)


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