So starts the Holiday season,

I absolutely adore this time of year. Not because of the gifts, but because of the memories made, the time spent with loved ones and the contagious joy that seems to abound. The last few years, Christmas has been a depressing reminder of just how tight our budget is, and then a wonderful loving expression of God’s promise to provide. We have been so blessed and so loved by our church family, that it is truly humbling. You see, I would MUCH rather give than get, so to be recipient of these extravagant gifts has given me a new perspective of the gifting process. I have been on both sides and have been blessed equally with each experience. This year God made provision in several ways. I was able to find great deals on the “big” gifts on my kids lists, by shopping for used, on Craigslist. I got some awesome items for great prices, and we had some one bless us with what I couldn’t find. I think sometimes we get in a rut, get our heads down and forget to truly look at the many ways He keeps His promises daily.  I believe finding all of the items except 2 on my list, was God making provision. He then provided another item through a dear friend, which made  little more room in the budget for the other item. If we really inspect our lives- His finger prints are everywhere:)

Sadly, we had a car breakdown, and aren’t sure how much that fix is gonna cost. Seems that every year this time of year something happens that depletes any reserves we may have saved. I just have to remember that He is the Shepherd all I am asked to do is focus on him. He says if I do that the rest will be taken care.

 I am so excited to see what lies a head. This dumb sheep remembered in this storm where my shelter was- and am abiding there.

God’s goodness will always blow your mind!


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