Living life with a heart of gratitude

I have been challenged over the last week, as we have faced one major car problem after another, and finances that weren’t prepared to “float” us through. The challenge for me, during a time when being thankful is at the forefront of everyone’s mind,was finding the true heart of gratitude, not just a momentary mental acknowledgement . I fought through frustrations, of “Why, God, are we always stretching paychecks to pay the expected bills, and nearly drowning when the unexpected ones hit?”  I mean I was truly grateful for two running vehicles, even though they are both very near antiquity, and barely fit us all. It just seems lately, that we can’t win for loosing. The harder we try to follow God in every area of life, the worse things seem to get. I refuse to throw the towel in, but would really like to see a little financial favor:) During my “struggle” to reach the place of acceptance and peaceful abiding in the midst of our little storm, I felt like God spoke to my spirit and asked me if I was gonna give up my peace over a little thing like a broke down car and a low balance in my checking account. Was I gonna forget all the blessings in my life because of this storm? After working through it and laying bare my frustrations and anger about the whole situation, i was able to look at my life through a whole different lens. I am blessed beyond imagination in so many ways. I have parents, who have been such awesome role models for us. They both love the Lord with all that they are and they love each other- for 41 years, and have shown us what marriage is all about- sacrificial love. I have 4 siblings(and their families) and we love each other dearly, and actually enjoy spending time together. I have 7 precious, full of energy children, that teach me more about our Father’s love for me than anything else in life. I am blessed and I am truly grateful for these blessings and so much more.

 Let us remember that without God’s love we wouldn’t have anything good. Be grateful for the things in your life that are truly blessings, handpicked, by God for you.He knows our needs and promises to provide at just the right moment. You see, He is who He says He is and  He will do what He says He will do! All we have to do is believe Him.


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