Long over due…..

This is a long overdue post, but being technically challenged as I am, I have had some difficulties getting to the “new Post” area of the blog. Oh well!!!

 We had a very nice WHITE Christmas. All of my children were blessed by an anonymous Santa, with Pillow Pets. It was the one thing they ALL consistently asked for, and yet we were not sure if we were going to be able to swing it. I had gotten them bikes, pogo sticks, computer game etc from Craigslist with what little money we had for gifts. A dear friend bought Drew a new bike, and a local church blessed us with some small gifts for them as well. While having others do for our kids is incredibly humbling, I know that God‘s provision is perfect and will graciously accept without question.

We have been living with one car for over a month now. We have all loaded up at 3 am to take or pick Martin up from work on several occasions and the kids think it is the greatest adventure on earth:) We will hopefully have a small car for Martin to drive back and forth to work in the next few weeks, and will then start looking for a van. Not sure if we can swing it with out Tax return this year, since we will be paying for Martin’s car, but Praying God sends us an awesome deal on an awesome van.

Homeschool planning is , well, I suppose it just is:) We will be using Rod and Staff grade packages and Memoria Latin( which we will just do all together, since KB hasn’t had any latin thus far). I am still a bit anxious about it , but excited at the same time. I have days when I question the sanity of my decision, and have to remind myself that sometimes God calls us to do what seems foolish to man and only makes sense in His kingdom. I suppose I had so looked forward to having some kid free days while they were all in school , that now I am a little sad that I won’t get that, but am seeing ( on a daily basis) the importance, of us as parents having a more prominent influence on every aspect of our children’s lives than people I don’t really know. I want everything they learn to be taught with a God base, and I know they will not get that in Public school, and private school is not even  an option.

It has been a very interesting week for us, since we have had NO heat upstairs and some pretty chilly nights. The 5 older kids have slept downstairs, the babies got our space heater for their room , and Martin and I have added MANY blankets to our bed. I was very grateful for the rise in Temps 2 days into our ordeal and am ever hopeful, the heat will be fixed before it gets too cold again. Our landlord was in and out fixing some minor issues, so was able to get right on having it checked out, only she can’t make the hurry the actual repair since they had to order parts the day before a Holiday…. Oh well, just another day in the life.

I am looking forward with great anticipation to all the Father has in store for us in this wonderful new year! May it be joyful and blessed for you and yours!


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