stressing the seams

 I was working on quilt last night , I was ironing and “stressing” the seams in the blocks, before I join them all as one quilt top. I do this to be sure they are all tight and the stitches are sure. As I was doing this, it occurred to me, that we are very much like quilt blocks, and God stresses our seams to find the weak spots, so that He can “sure them up”, before we get too far into the process. The repairs are much easier and much quicker if done now, and you don’t have to rip any seams out to fix it. If, however you wait until you have joined 20 blocks together to stress the seams, and one right in the middle is loose ,boy what a pain it is to take the pieces apart one painstaking seam at a time. I think life is very much like that. When we rush a head of God and get ahead of the process, we face some “seam ripping”, and it isn’t a fun thing to go through.  I am grateful for a loving , gracious, and merciful Heavenly Father, who takes the time and care to stress the seams of my life, and when necessary, tear out the seams that are inadequate, and sure them up, so that when the normal wear and tear of life comes along, my seams are secured in Him!

 I think, if I can figure out how, the name of this blog will change to “stressedattheseams”. It is a much more appropriate name for where I am.

 Just remember when your seams are being stressed it has a positive purpose, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.


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