Mother’s Day and this hearts cry

Today, I celebrated my privilege of motherhood , and the chores that come with it,with my husband and my 7 wonderful  children. I celebrated the fact that I have a WONDERFUL Mother, and Mother-in-law. I celebrated the many wonderful loving mothers that I have the privilege to call sisters, cousins, aunts, grandma, or friend.

This morning though, I woke up with a bit of a heavy heart for those who  don’t have a mom to celebrate. Although, I know it is hard to have a great mom, who passes away, those folks can , while it hurts, still celebrate the wonderful life their mothers lived, how much they poured into their lives and the awesome memories that remain, I am talking about children( and adults too I suppose) who have never had a REAL mom to celebrate. They have been in foster care or orphanages or wherever, and they do not know the love, care, and nurture of a MOTHER. I have recently had such a burden for these kids. I do not know why, but in my heart, I want our family to be that safe home that offers them a family life, and love like they have never known. I know, CRAZY!!! that is surely what you are thinking. 

Working in the boy’s home 13 years ago, left a permanent impression on me, and I really have felt burdened for the “orphans” in America lately. My vision is to one day have a home large enough to take in 4-6 kids and make them a part of our family. I have no idea what God will do with this “heart’s desire”, but I do know that He will give us direction and make provision as we follow Him. I laugh sometimes when I think about it, because I need a new vehicle for the family as it is, and can’t even afford that. It would thrill my soul to have every seat in a 15 passenger van filled with kids that God gives us the privilege to shine a bit of Him into ( that would mean 6 more kids on top of my 7). I can not begin to imagine how it could possibly work out, or be feasible, but this is what I know, my ABBA owns the cattle on a hundred hilltops, and when it is HIS time for this vision to be a reality, HE will make the provision.

So , I suppose, until then, I will watch for opportunities to love on a child,  give a pat on the back , include the kid on the sidelines watching, in our games at the park, and pray that God will use those simple acts, and let HIS love leave an impact in their lives. It is easy to get busy with life and not even notice. Maybe that is why God has given me such a tender spot for these kids, so it will be a reminder to make the effort daily, to find one child that needs a little hug,  encouragement, praise, or even just a smile.

I pray that you have had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating all that it means in your life. I know I sure have.

 Be Blessed:)


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