Living fully aware

I have been reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, and have really had to search my heart and motives and, well, really, EVERYTHING, about me. The book is a compilation of stories and descriptions of her process of learning to live in the moment with a heart of EUCHARISTEO ( grace, thanksgiving , and joy all rolled into one). Grace being the gift, thanksgiving is naming the gift and being TRULY grateful, and joy is what is produced. In the book, her journey begins with a challenge, or dare, from a friend, to name 1,000 things she loves ( things she is grateful for), and how, in looking for those things, she became aware of how much of life just goes unnoticed if we don’t live the moments on purpose. Living fully aware of life around us, of the things that make our lives what they are, and expressing true gratitude to the Giver of all good things.

As I have read the book, I too am going to take the challenge. Having 7 little ones, can sometimes blur the vision, or warp my perception of things. So , I am committing to live fully aware at all times, letting myself see the gifts and take the time to immerse myself in them. Whether it be washing dishes, or clothes , playing referee to my children, being the disciplinarian I am called to be, or cuddling with and loving on my children, I want to fully experience all of the joys  that reside in each. You see the Bible says that where He is there is joy,and He is Omnipresent, thus joy is to be found EVERYWHERE. If we seek Him, we will find Him, and in finding Him, we find it~ Joy unspeakable and full of GRACE. We are to be filled to overflowing, and the gift we give or the Grace we shower is what leads others to the source of their joy.

So many incredible lessons is the wonderful book. Highly recommend it. It has and is forever changing me.

So don’t let too many moments fly away unnoticed, or only lived half way. Immerse yourselves in all that you do, looking for God in it, and in the process find true joy.


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