Random thoughts and ponderings…..

Why is it , that as moms, we are so very hard on ourselves, and believe that it is our job to “keep it all together”, for ourselves and everyone around us? Yesterday, as I was dealing with a sick child, a messed up vehicle, a house that is in desperate need of attention, thoughts of how to cut our budget, remembering that in about 4 weeks, unless God provides a vehicle, every time I load my kids up to go somewhere, I will be driving illegally, it became a load too heavy. If one of my friends was in my shoes I would tell her to do what she could and let God pick up the rest. I mean , God is in control, knows the needs better than us, and has a plan for our good, right? Why is it that I can believe that so easily for others but feel overwhelmed and troubled and faithless in my own circumstances sometimes? Why can I be understanding of the failures of others but not accept my own? I know I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, why is it the Grace so easily offered to others, the faith that doesn’t waiver (on someone elses behalf), the patience, the love , and understanding that flows naturally FOR OTHERS is so absent for self?

 A friend shared this link with me and it has really made me stop and think. I need daily, and sometimes even moment by moment ,reminders that God’s grace is always available, always free , and meant for me.

GRACE FOR OTHERS, BUT NOT FOR ME | People of the Second Chance


So, as I struggle with my own failings and learning to be truly thankful in all things, I encourage the rest of you to accept your failures as areas for God to show His strength and might, and as opportunities to be thankful for His unending mercies, His grace for us all, and his unconditional love. May we daily live , knowing it is only by His grace  that we aren’t crushed by our own humanity, our failures don’t surprise Him one bit and through it all He is by our side.

  Another random thought……

Are what we need and what we think we need the same ? Is God in His great wisdom, giving us exactly what we need , when we need it, in spite of what we perceive our need to be?


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