Every child deserves a family…..

A friend of mine and her girls are in Guatemala on a mission trip, and she posted pictures from their visit to the orphanage. I look at those sweet faces and I want to pick them up, hug them  tight and give them a home. There is one little fella, Minor is his name, and every time I look at his picture, something in me stirs. I can see him running and playing and getting into things with JP. I know, there comes heartache with the happiness, but every child deserves a home, and a family to call their own! His mother left him in a ditch after giving birth, and in his eyes you can see the lasting effect it has had. He never had a mom to nurture and love him. A dad to rock him, and wrestle with, and even though he is being cared for, it isn’t the same.

I never imagined, having 7 children of my own, that the day would come when I was chomping at the bit to bring in more. I know I can’t save them all, but God has put this vision in my heart and I know , in His timing He will open the doors and send the children that are meant to be with us.  I keep thinking that it is a passing phase, but the desire just keeps getting stronger.  I get in my “new” van and see seats that need to be filled:) Even on days like today, when I have 4 little ones feeling bad and all needing my lap, I can see room for more. Joshua was telling me today, that he wanted us to “get” him a brother ,and could he be 5 or 6:) Even my kids, who I sometimes think feel slighted, want more.

When I think of the children out there, longing for the love of a mom and dad, I am very thankful for having grown up with both. Thankful to still have both. It makes me thankful for my sweet munchkins. It also makes me thankful, and very much aware of the fact, that we serve ABBA~ Daddy God, and He is always there cradling those sweet children, and He has a plan for them, just like He has a plan for us. I do not have to understand, I can simply rest in the knowledge that He cares more than I ever could.

Praying for wisdom and direction as I abide in Him.


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