Life under the Iron

As always , Abba uses my time sewing to reinforce life lessons deep in my soul.

 Some of you may know that Martin has been out of work since the middle of June, and God hasn’t yet opened any doors of employment for either of us. Imagine, if you will,stretching less than half of your normal salary , to cover what  your normal salary was already stretched to cover. It has been a challenge to say the very least, but God is EVER faithful and has met our needs in surprising and incredibly humbling ways.

I was ironing a lot of little pieces , getting them ready to be sewn together to make the final product. Looking at the pieces and all the seams that had to be  ironed just so, I was honestly, dreading the time it was going to take .Knowing if they aren’t pressed with a high heat and heavy iron, the end result will be a garment that doesn’t look like it should, or  fit the way intended, and simply not a quality piece.So I ironed away. I spend these few “quiet” moments praying and this time I was asking God why our family seemed to be going thru such a hard time lately.It just seems like the more we try to walk with Him,”life” gets harder.

I felt like a light turned on , and I saw things a little different. Sometimes, like my sewing project, our lives need some time under a really hot, heavy iron. It doesn’t feel good, and may even, to us at times, seem to be over kill, but without it, the lessons are not fully learned, because without the heat and the weight, the results fade quickly. What we see is the discomfort, when what the Father sees is the end result. A garment of praise and testimony of the Father’s great love, that fits and looks exactly like it should, and without the time under the iron, the quality would be inferior and the praise would be fickle. You see, it is easy  to praise Him when times are good, and faith comes quickly when provision is seen, but add the weight of a lost job and the heat of not being able to see where provision could possibly come from, and 7 children who need you to point them in the right direction and your character begins to be forged and pressed. If you fight the Maker, the heat is re -applied until the seams of your life lay just the way  they should. Thru this season, I am being reminded Who my provider is, and that His timing and ways are not mine, but I can rest in knowing ,He loves me and is at work in me to perfect the work only He can do.

Enjoy the trying times, they prove to leave the marks that change us and make us the person we were created to be. Without the iron, we wouldn’t fit in our appointed place. Remember, the wrinkles either need to ironed out or are actually creases left by the Master’s hand, and they are what makes you ,you.Either way, life is a process and sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is not. Faith isn’t faith until it is tried.

God has been so faithful to meet our needs during this season and He is even seeing to provide some of our wants. A dear sweet lady is passing to our family , toys that her kids do not play with anymore, that will provide my kids with Christmas gifts . Some may not see that as anything special, but the toys that are being passed are some of the exact things my kids have asked for, and we see the Father’s hand in it and are grateful! Who but a loving Father , hears the specific desires of a child’s heart and sees to it that it is fulfilled?



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