Maybe patience isn’t what I need!

So, as I sit here, listening to my children, discussing how unfair life is because they were sent to their rooms to stay until I regain composure and my head isn’t fixing to start spinning or explode. I think to myself,  if only I could find the humor in my life, I could at least laugh about it. Others seem to have no problem finding humor in the antics of 7 small children, but I on the other hand, am struggling. Nothing funny bout finding your three-year old standing on the bathroom counter with enough hair gel in his hair to make it look plastic, a mural drawn in dry erase marker on the wall, and his look of unbelief when you tell him in a not so calm voice that he has done a really bad thing. Not laughing that they have made the dog terrified of the pop guns or that no matter where I hide it, they ALWAYS find any gum that enters the house. I don’t think it is funny that everywhere we go, we must ALL visit the nasty bathrooms, and sometimes several times in one trip. Makes me regret the whole potty training thing..not really but you know what I mean. Right? (hoping that my honesty doesn’t make you think less of me, well, kinda)

Please do not misunderstand. I love my children and most of the time life is great.  I have days, like today, (and yesterday and the day before) where I dream of escaping, JUST ME , to an exotic Island with no one who might call me MOM, or need or WANT anything from me. If Calgon would take me away, I would buy stock, but at some point the water turns cold and the illusion is over. 

 So maybe just maybe patience isn’t what I need after all. Maybe what I need is GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! Maybe I’ve been praying for the wrong thing!


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