Of Burlap and Lace

I have been doing a lot of “creative” sewing lately. You know ,using various textured fabrics and inventing new bags and kindle covers and pillows and such. My new favorite thing to work with, is burlap. It is rough. itchy and has a mind of its own,but when you get it to do what you want it to do, it is fabulous!!! Then there’s  lace, beautiful to look at, but just as hard as burlap to work with sometimes. It is stiff and itchy and has a delicate nature, that means it is just as hard to fashion and easier to damage. Both have there positive attributes, and both have their negatives, and both yield beautiful end products.  Working with these fabulously beautiful,frustratingly stubborn and stiff materials made me think about how much LIKE burlap and lace, we are. God takes us, in our stubborn, stiff, rough condition and gently works us into something beautiful and functional, and doesn’t give up until we are exactly what He intends us to be. Sometimes like burlap we resist the shaping, and sometimes like lace we begin to tear under the pressure, but He knows just how to handle us and shape us without destroying the “fabric” in the process. He trims away the frays and strengthens the weak spots, and makes us each a unique picture of His handiwork and love.  So glad He finds the fabric that is me, to be worth the time and effort, and is working to make me a beautifully functional piece of handiwork( of both the burlap and lace). Wonder why I fight the process so???

Love the lessons learned through the eye of the needle;)


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